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Negative reviews are inevitable. There’s always that one guest who could not be pleased. Negative reviews keep us on our toes and drive us for constant improvement. Don’t stop them, make them work for you!

Many hoteliers believe negative reviews are the downfall of their hotel. However, there are two sides to every story. Here are some tips to turn them into a positive experience:

  • Respond to the review…always!- responding to negative reviews enables you to get ahead of the problem and provide your perspective. A recent TripAdvisor study indicated that 62% of guests surveyed said they are more likely to book a hotel that takes time to respond to reviews compared to a similar hotel that does not. Addressing a negative review can enhance your reputation if you respond objectively.
  • Responding to reviews shows you care- responding to negative reviews can actually make you look good! You have acknowledged the reviews which show your customers that you are willing to invest in the relationship by taking time out of your day to reply. According to TripAdvisor, 77% of travelers believe that a hotel cares about their guests if the hotel responds to reviews.
  • Every property has room for improvement- negative reviews also point out flaws in your property that you can works towards improving. Poor customer service, lack of amenities or housekeeping issues can all come to light in a review. Use the feedback to take your property to the next level and gain more positive reviews!

Reviews make or break your hotel’s reputation

But just like operating a hotel, managing that reputation can be a full time job. This is where Review My Room comes in. Review My Room is THE review collection tool that can help you get ahead of the inevitable. Review My Room integrates seamlessly with your hotel’s front desk property management system and guarantees you more positive reviews.

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