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Reading online reviews have become an essential part of most traveller’s hotel selection. We help to grow your hotel’s reputation by managing and responding to online reviews across key hotel review sites.

Hotel Review Responses

We respond to every review of your hotel within 24 hours. Our responses are never templated, written by real people in a professional and friendly way. We manage your hotel reviews leaving you worry-free and time to focus on operating your hotel.

Targets top public review sites

Today’s traveller will visit on average 4 booking sites before making a booking. Review My Room monitors the top public review sites including Tripadvisor, Google Business, Facebook, and Expedia Partner Central.

Quick response to reviews

With our 24 hour response time, you never miss out on a potential new guest. We monitor and manage all of your review responses so you can get back to operating your hotel

Authentic responses

A response to online reviews is considered more important than the original comment. A thoughtful, genuine response to a review can improve the impression of your hotel. That’s why with Review My Room every response is authentic, unique and never templated.

How it works

Review My Room gives you back control. We help to grow your hotel’s reputation by managing and responding to online reviews across public review sites. If you are looking for a tool to manage your online reviews to get more bookings, Review My Room is the best way to help you get there.

Key highlights:
  • 24 hour response
  • Monitors top public review sites
  • No template responses
  • Monthly reports of total reviews responded

Key statistics

Today’s traveller will visit an average of 4 booking sites before making a decision. This means it is important to penetrate as many booking sites as possible and to have responses to those reviews.


Of potential guests will read between six and 12 reviews before making a decision of where to stay


Of potential guests believe a hotel that responds to reviews cares more about its customers


Agree that a thoughtful response to a review will improve their impression of the hotel

All the features you need

Perfect for your business

Custom responses to reviews, no templates

Respond to all reviews within 24 hours

Platforms: Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook,, Expedia Partner Central

Monthly reports

Hotels who rely on Review My Room

  • Review My Room has helped us take control of our online reputation. We are consistently getting more positive reviews online and all of our reviews are responded to within 24 hours. I would recommend Review My Room to any hotel looking to improve their reviews.

    Hetal Bhakta
    Hetal Bhakta Super 8 Downtown Memphis, Memphis TN
  • Review My Room has been an integral partner in our hotel’s reputation management. Their hands-on approach ensures that our reviews are answered in a timely manner and weekly communication ensures that we are maximizing the review collection platform. Thank you Review My Room!

    Jacob Muyuboke
    Jacob Muyuboke Econo Lodge, Toronto, ON
  • Our hotel has benefited from the many services Review My Room offers. Specifically, the hotel review management tool helps us attain a plethora of online reviews and repeat guests. Thank you Review My Room!

    Amin Mitha
    Amin Mitha Travelodge Lakeland, Lakeland, FL
  • Review My Room has been an integral partner with our hotel’s reviews. Their responsive service and attention to detail gives us a sense of satisfaction that our hotel’s reputation is a high priority. I would recommend Review My Room to any hotel whose reviews need more attention.

    Tyler Jordan
    Tyler Jordan Days Inn Gatlinburg on the River, Gatlinburg, TN

Success stories

Travelodge – Lakeland, FL

Review My Room was able to allow the hotel to work through their renovations and property transitions without a significant impact on their online reputation.

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More consistent 5 star reviews on public sites

20-40% increase in reviews within 3 months

At least 10% higher occupancy than competitors in the same class tier

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